The wearing of the College Uniform is an essential part of setting the tone for the College community. Parents/Carers are requested to ensure that the College Uniform regulations are adhered to, helping to foster in our students pride in the wearing of the College uniform. A student wearing the uniform correctly shows that they not only have pride in themselves but pride in the community to which they belong. A school uniform reduces incidents of bullying and the stress of peer pressure as all students

are dressed the same. The wearing of a uniform ensures that there is no attention drawn to a student’s socio-economic background. The uniform also helps students focus on the

task at hand. Wearing the uniform correctly helps students to “switch on” to student mode and provides them with a reminder of the expectations of the College regarding behaviour and application.

From the beginning of 2021 there will be consequences for any student who does not meet the College Uniform regulations and who has not followed the process that is prescribed when not presenting in correct uniform. Students will be required to return home or have their parent/carer collect them to address the issue

to ensure that the student does meet the College Uniform regulations. If a parent/carer is not able to collect the student, the student will be required to attend the Ignatius Room until the issue is addressed. At all times our focus

is on providing high levels of support to our students and their families to ensure that they can meet the high expectations of the College. In partnership with parents/carers we will endeavour to return students to class as soon as possible so that they can continue to actively engage in their learning.


Students are expected to arrive and depart each day in the appropriate College academic uniform including the formal hat, worn neatly and with pride. Whilst off campus, students are expected to wear the College uniform to the same standard expected on campus. When departing the College students may choose to change out

of their formal uniform. If a student chooses this option then they are to change completely out of the College uniform.

The correct sport uniform is to be worn for all sporting activities and PE lessons.

Shoes should be kept clean and polished and are to be maintained in good condition.

If there is a reason for not presenting in the correct uniform, students are required to bring a note from their parent/carer. This note must be current and relevant to that day only. If a student is out of uniform for consecutive days then multiple notes will be required.

Incorrect uniform or presentation will be addressed with the student through the completion of reflection activities in the Ignatius Room and then with the parent/carer.

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