School Life

Community Service Groups

The College’s Social Justice Program allows students to grow and understand their responsibility to the community in which they live.

Students leave the College knowing they can make a difference and aspire to live our College motto of “Serve Him in Others”.

Student have access to the following Community Service groups

Food Assist

packaging of hampers for those in need

Primary School Visits

to assist with teaching numeracy and literacy

Aged Care

teaching crafts, technology skills, reading, listening

The Rice Bowl

A Christian service initiative for Year 7. Students complete 30 hours of service each year primarily based in the home helping with day to day chores and activities.

Year 10 ‘Just Joeys’

Social justice group whose primary focus is raising awareness of social justice issues

Year 11 ‘Breakfast Club’

Every Wednesday morning members of the Year 11 coordinating group and PC groups travel to Clifford Park Special School to cook and serve breakfast and to interact with students

Year 12 ‘Rosie’s Outreach’

Year 12 students volunteer to cook and serve a barbeque once a month at Harlaxton

Liturgy groups

Year 11 & 12 students plan and prepare all major College celebrations

Wellbeing Group

all ages

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