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Benefits of Co-Education

At St Joseph’s, we believe coeducation is the best way to prepare young men and women for the world in which they will live.

Coeducation has been part of our learning environment since 1983 when the first girls started at St Joseph’s College. It represents a realistic way of life as students take their place naturally in the broader community of men and women. Within the St Joseph’s learning environment:

Young people are exposed to diversity, allowing a solid foundation for the development of respectful and enduring relationships. They master social skills that will enable them to adapt to a variety of environments that prepares them for university and the workforce.

Young men and women who learn together and participate with each other learn quickly about gender equality and discover there is no special treatment for either male or female students, allowing each person to be valued as an individual

Mutual respect, understanding, support and friendship is fostered among peers of mixed gender.

Students learn in an inclusive setting in which everyone understands their worth. They know how to interact with both sexes which represent the society in which they live.

Differences and similarities between both genders are experienced and respected.

Our comprehensive, coeducational school program includes a rich selection of co-curricular activities – sport, music, visual and performing arts and community service – that encourage engagement and camaraderie between girls and boys.

College leadership positions are held by both boys and girls across all areas of learning, providing all students with both female and male role models.

We nurture and encourage young men and women to develop their strengths and talents, their confidence and self-image so they can flourish as confident future leaders.

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