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The Joey’s Way

The Joey’s Way Framework 

St Joseph’s College has four key values that underpin all aspects of College Life. They are Respect, Endeavour, Compassion and Dignity. The Joey’s Way provides all members of the College community with more specific imperatives for living out the values. Each imperative is further linked to a dimension of Edmund Rice spirituality- Thinking (Head), Feeling (Heart) and Acting (Hands). 

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Learning The Joey’s Way 

The Joey’s Way is supported by specific curriculum built around ACARA general capabilities and taught by JW (Joey’s Way) teachers during Joey’s Way time- each morning from 8:30am until 9am. JW teachers work in partnership to teach the Joey’s Way.  

Some topics in The Joey’s Way are taught vertically (Year 7-12 students simultaneously). JW teachers teach these topics using their own 7-12 classes. Some topics taught vertically might include, but are not limited to: 

  • Goal Setting 
  • Study Plans 
  • Microsoft Outlook Skills 
  • Service Learning 
  • Environmental Awareness 

Some topics are taught in split age groups (Year 7-9 and then Year 10-12). JW teachers work with their partners to divide their classes into age groupings. Some topics that are taught in split age groups might include, but are not limited to: 

  • Careers Education 
  • Cognitive Verbs 
  • Cyber Safety 
  • Road Safety 
  • Critical Thinking 

Additionally, some topics are taught in specific year level groups. These sessions may be led by a member of the Student Engagement Team or the College Leadership team. Topics that are taught in year levels might include, but are not limited to: 

  • Camp Preparation 
  • Relationships and Sexuality Education 
  • Drug and Alcohol Education 

The Joey’s Way Activities Map provides detail of what topics are covered, when they are covered and in what form (vertically or in age groups) they are covered. Each lesson is planned by a member of the College Leadership Team or Counsellors and presented on Canvas.   

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