Student Engagement

The Ignatius Room

Igantius is Edmund Rice’s religious name. The word comes for ‘ignite’ and, as such, the Ignatius room is about reigniting the passion of learning and The Joey’s Way. At St Joseph’s College, the Ignatius Room is space for resetting and reflecting and eventually re-engaging in learning. In the event that a student is demonstrating behaviour that does not embody The Joey’s Way, the teacher will take the following steps: 

Step 1: Managing  
The teacher uses classroom management techniques to help the student to live out The Joey’s Way.  This looks like: 

  • Checking in with student, differentiating work, incentivising positive behaviour, proactive communication with parents/carers. 
  • Establishing a relationship with students, be relentless in your care and advocacy, interact with genuine care and connection, provide breaks from tasks, provide a safe space (not time out or punishment), use of ritual and routine, individual work area, consider where the student’s desk is situated, be consistent, reinforce safety and minimise triggers. 



Step 2: Communicating  

The teacher notifies the student that continuation of behaviour will lead result in a referral to the Ignatius Room. 


This looks like: 

  • Calmly, discreetly speaking with student about their behaviour. 
  • Conversation should include 3 questions to student 
  1. “What are you doing?” 
  2. “What should you be doing?” 
  3. “What will my response be if you continue to behave in this way?” 


Step 3: Referring  

The teacher removes the student from the class to the Ignatius Room. 


This looks like: 

  • The teacher contacts the Ignatius Room and advises them of the student they are sending.  
  • The teacher completes an Ignatius Room Referral Form. On the referral form, the teacher indicates whether restoration of the relationship is possible during the lesson. 
  • The student completes a Joey’s Way reflection form while supervised in the Ignatius Room.  
  • Information about the referral is recorded by the supervising staff member in the Ignatius Room. 


Step 4: Restoring 

At the earliest appropriate time, the teacher and the student engage in a restorative meeting to repair the relationship and establish an agreement for the future. 



See Transgressing The Joey’s Way Compendium for guidelines on whether a Restorative Conversation or Conference is most appropriate. 


  • If appropriate, the student returns to the classroom for a Restorative Conversation with the teacher. 
  • The teacher updates the incident on Sentral with records of the Restorative Conversation. 
  • If a Restorative Conversation is not appropriate or a person teacher has indicated they are not yet willing to partake, the matter is referred to the House Leader who will facilitate a Restorative Conference.  
  • The student cannot return to the classroom until the relationship with the teacher is restored.  


View our Transgressing The Joey’s Way Compendium which outlines school responses to behaviour that does not embody The Joey’s Way. 

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