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Digital Technology

At St Joseph’s, technology is used as a valuable learning tool within the curriculum to enhance personal learning, collaboration and self-management.

Exposure to a wide range of technologies empowers students to develop skills that will be relevant to them in a tertiary or workplace setting, making them ready for work in the real world.

To facilitate the incorporation of digital technologies and design thinking into the College, access to robotics, coding, 3D printers and electronics are all part of the learning technology experience.

Our Canvas Learning Management system provides a platform for students to become independent, self-manage and take responsibility for their own learning. To ensure inclusivity and opportunity for all, the College has invested in providing reliable campus-wide Wi-Fi technology and one-to-one Surface Pro laptops.

St Joseph’s College prepares students for the digital world through skills in online literacy, online search and research skills, and technical resilience and resourcefulness.

St Joseph's College Toowoomba

St Joseph’s technology in practice - Out of this World

Imagine having a humanoid in your house helping with all the chores or feeling like Iron Man Tony Stark as you use projected computerized images mid-air and manipulate them with your hands. Students at St Joseph’s College don’t have to imagine this anymore because it is an amazing reality.

Students of the STEAM Club are learning how to program Noa, the humanoid, and will be involved in using the Microsoft HaloLens virtual reality headsets within their curriculum. This technology is mind blowing and changing the way we interact with computers, leaving even touch screens looking obsolete! It transforms the ways we communicate, create, collaborate, and explore. St Joseph’s is keeping students in the real world but enhancing their learning and preparing them for the future at the same time.

St Joseph’s College Toowoomba has recently been recognised as a Microsoft Surface Lighthouse School for 2019.

The title recognises the great work our College is doing to inspire educators and prepare students for their best future and success in workforce.

We are proud to be a College that seamlessly merges education with modern technology practice to prepare students for the digital world through skills in online literacy, online research, research and technical resilience and resourcefulness.

Technology at St Joseph’s College enhances the way our students and teachers operate on a day to day basis. It provides modern teaching and learning opportunities, inclusivity, innovative thinking and builds a professional learning community of enthusiastic and future thinking peers.

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