Student Engagement

Student Mentoring

Student Mentoring 

The purpose of mentoring is to create positive teacher and student relationships that are integral in promoting and improving student wellbeing, learning and retention. A mentoring relationship is different to a teaching relationship. It addresses matters relevant to the student that go beyond the curriculum. It provides an opportunity for students to have regular contact opportunities and to be connected to existing supports already offered at St Joseph’s College. By being a part of the Mentoring program, we hope that students will have improved learning behaviours, more motivation to learn, improved attendance at the College and a decrease in management issues. 

Eligible students are referred to their relevant Pastoral Care teacher and House Leader to determine whether the student is at-risk of academic, social, emotional and behavioural failure due to challenging behaviours. The Mentoring program will provide targeted strategies for the student and may include intervention programs, involving support and specialist staff. 

Relevant information will be kept on the online management system, Sentral, where staff have access to the behaviour identifications, mentoring goals and check-in record of each student.


Staff can submit mentoring requests here.

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