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Uniform Shop and Regulations

Uniform Shop and Regulations

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Uniform Fitting Appointments

Uniform fitting appointments will be held during shop opening hours in December and January.  (Back to school trading hours have not been confirmed – but will be available by orientation in October)

Simply fill out the form below and submit or email or call the uniform shop on 4631 8514  with your preferred day and time and we will do our best to accommodate you.  We allow 1 hour per fitting.

Request a Uniform Fitting

Parents can book an appointment for a fitting at the uniform shop
  • Please choose 2 or 3 preferred times during opening hours in December 2019 and January 2020


Values and Principles

The dress of St Joseph’s College requires a high standard of personal grooming together with an expectation that the correct uniform is worn appropriately at school and beyond the school gates.  This is necessary for St Joseph’s to conform to the Workplace Health and Safety guidelines, which includes SunSmart, set out for all workplaces in the state.

The school uniform should always reflect the values and the image of St Joseph’s College.

In exercising our duty of care through Workplace Health and Safety, including SunSmart legislation, the staff and parents of St Joseph’s College will be diligent in helping students to be consistent what the current uniform policy and its consequences.  The dress code instils in the students a pride, dignity and respect for themselves and their school.

This policy seeks to, through the wearing of the set uniform:

  • Create for the students a sense of belonging to the school community
  • Provide circumstance to allow equality for all
  • All students to witness to the values of St Joseph’s College


All students are required to wear the correct uniform as per the School Uniform Requirements and present themselves well.

It is expected that the uniform be presented in a clean, well-cared-for condition.

If the uniform is non-compliant, a note of explanation signed by the parent is to be presented to the class/form teacher in the morning.  This note is required each day the uniform is non-compliant, unless otherwise agreed to by the principal.

Uniform Regulations

  • Students are expected to arrive and depart each day in the appropriate College uniform worn neatly and with pride. Whilst off campus, students are expected to wear the College uniform to the same standard expected on campus.
  • The correct sport uniform is to be worn for all sporting activities and PE lessons.
  • Shoes should be kept clean and polished and are to be maintained in god condition.
  • Students are to wear the College socks pulled up and secured so that they remain in position throughout the day.
  • Incorrect uniform or presentation will be addressed initially with the student, then with the parent/carer.
  • Failure to correct breaches after tow detentions may result in the student being sent home until the issue is resolved.

Assemblies, Liturgies and formal ceremonies

Students are to arrive at assemblies, liturgies and formal ceremonies wearing the appropriate uniform.

Casual or recreational attire

This applies to all students on casual dress occasions:

  • No shirts with rude or offensive designs or language or exploitative advertising logos
  • No midriff, strappy or revealing tops or dresses
  • No short skirts, dresses or shorts
  • Leggings on their own are not to be worn
  • Footwear must enclose the whole foot


In keeping with the College Sunsafe Policy, all students must wear the College hat.  The hat should be worn during breaks and whenever the student is outside. The hat must be keep in a respectable condition and must have the student’s name clearly labelled.

Representative Sport

The college expects a high standard of dress for all sports. Sporting coaches will indicate to students the uniform required for a particular sport.  In keeping with the Sunsafe Policy students must wear the College hat to and from sport.

During timetabled PE lessons students are to wear the College sports uniform.  In keeping with the Sunsafe Policy students must wear the College hat to and from sport.


  • Plain black sunglasses (at the Principals discretion) are permissible outdoors.
  • Skivvies and singlet’s are not to be visible under any uniform.
  • The use of sunscreen is recommended.
  • Wearing of make-up, including nail polish, is not permitted.
  • Male students are to be clean-shaven.
  • There will be adequate consultation with parents, students and staff before any major change to the uniform is undertaken.
  • The final interpretation of details of this uniform policy will be at the discretion of the Principal.


Uniform Price List 2019

Requirements and Price List 2019


Uniform Requirements

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