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Uniform Shop and Regulations

Uniform Shop and Regulations

Opening Hours During Normal Terms

Tuesday & Thursday 8.00 a.m. to 12.00 p.m.

Wednesday 8 a.m. to 4.00 p.m.

Maximum 4 people in the store at once.
EFTPOS only – no cash.



Online ordering available at:

Pass phase StJC1956

Midford has now introduced an online appointment system.  Parents can now book uniform fitting appointments directly with the link below.

It is preferred that ALL new parents and existing parents make a fitting appointment.  Because of Covid, delays are expected this year during the busy Back To School period and appointments will take preference over walk-ins.

The uniform shop is currently EFTPOS payments only. Sorry – NO CASH.



Uniform Fitting Appointments are available during opening hours


Uniform Regulations

  • Students are expected to arrive and depart each day in the appropriate College academic uniform worn neatly and with pride.
  • Whilst off campus, students are expected to wear the College uniform to the same standard expected on campus.
  • The correct sport uniform is to be worn for all sporting activities and PE lessons.
  • If there is a reason for not presenting in the correct uniform, please bring a note from your parent/carer or ask them to contact the office.
  • Incorrect uniform or presentation will be addressed initially with the student, then with the parent/carer.

Assemblies, Liturgies and formal ceremonies

Students are to arrive at assemblies, liturgies and formal ceremonies wearing academic uniform.

Casual or recreational attire

This applies to all students on casual dress occasions:

  • No shirts with rude or offensive designs or language or exploitative advertising logos
  • No midriff, strappy or revealing tops or dresses
  • No short skirts, dresses or shorts
  • Leggings on their own are not to be worn
  • Footwear must enclose the whole foot


Shoes should be black, leather, lace up College shoes (with a separate heel). Shoes should be kept clean and polished and are to be maintained in good condition.


In keeping with the College Sunsafe Policy, all students must wear the College hat.  The hat should be worn during breaks and whenever the student is outside. The hat must be keep in a respectable condition and must be name-labelled.

Representative Sport

The college expects a high standard of dress for all sports. Sporting coaches will indicate to students the uniform required for a particular sport.  In keeping with the Sunsafe Policy students must wear the College hat to and from sport.

During timetabled PE lessons students are to wear the College sports uniform.  In keeping with the Sunsafe Policy students must wear a College approved hat.

Protective Items/Clothing

  • Plain black sunglasses are permitted to be worn outside.
  • Hoodies and singlets are not to be visible under any uniform.
  • The use of sunscreen is recommended.

Information for Parents/Carers

Parents/Carers are particularly requested to see that regulations are adhered to and to foster in their child pride in the wearing of the College uniform.



Uniform Price List 2024

Requirements and Price List 2024


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