Movement into the Classroom:

  • Students are to wait outside the classroom in two lines until the teacher arrives.
  • Teacher greets students as they arrive or as they themselves arrive from another class.
  • No student to enter the classroom until a teacher is present.

Upon entering the class, you should do the following:

  • On entering the classroom students are to remain standing behind their chairs, until the teacher greets students and directs them to sit.
  • Students are to place all necessary materials needed for the class on their desk including their College Diary.
  • All other books and materials must be placed on the floor by your seat.
  • Once you have entered your class, you may not leave without your teacher’s permission.
  • Wait until all discussions are over before leaving your seat for any reason.
  • Allow your teacher to mark an electronic roll.

The following items are required each day:

  • Diary, text book, novel or any other handouts or materials that will be used in class.
  • Notebook and or binder, school laptop.
  • Pencils, blue, black, and red pens, markers, and coloured pencils.
  • Homework for the day.
  • And any other supplementary material required.

If late to class:

  • Please wait outside the class until invited in as you may interrupt prayer or the teachers’ Please excuse yourself and discretely offer an explanation as to why you are late.
  • Students late without reasonable explanation will be sent to the Ignatius room.

Speaking in class:

  • All students are entitled to and deserve an orderly and quiet environment that is conducive to learning. You must raise your hand and wait to be called on by the teacher.
  • Language must be appropriate and respectful of others in the class

During class:

  • Be sure to write homework in your College Diary
  • When you finish your work early, find something quiet to do that will not disturb others, such as other homework or silent reading.
  • Please be respectful always.
  • Take care of your property, classmates’ property, and school property.
  • Bring your own book(s) to You should not be using anyone else’s book.
  • All food is to be eaten at lunchtime — not in the classroom.
  • School bags and mobile phone are to be stored in your College locker.
  • Laptops must be carried to and from class in your laptop bag.


  • All students are expected to use the bathroom in-between Students will only be permitted to go to the bathroom in case of extreme emergency. You must obtain permission from your teacher by filling out the Out of Class Permission Form from your College Diary.
  • If you have a medical condition, and need to use the bathroom often, please ask your parent to provide a note.

Ending class:

  • The last two minutes of class will be dedicated to review and writing down classroom assignments for the next When the bell rings, students are expected to remain seated, and wait to be asked to stand behind chairs by the teacher for dismissal.
  • The bell does NOT dismiss you – the teacher does!
  • Before each break (at the end of Period 2 and 4) Grace Before Meals is sometimes prayed.
                                                   We give you thanks Almighty God For all that you have given us.
                                                   Make us truly grateful, Lord Through Christ we pray, Amen.
  • At the end of each lesson the classrooms will be secured and all classrooms are out of bounds (a) before school; (b) during breaks and (c) after school; unless under direct teacher supervision.

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