Presentation Night Awards Overview

Presentation Night Awards Overview

Overview of Awards

Merit for Academic Performance is awarded to the top of the cohort for each subject.

Merit for Application Awards recognises students who have consistently applied themselves at an excellent standard across all their subjects.

Service Awards are awarded to students to recognise excellent contribution in diverse facets of College life

Overview of Sports Awards

Sport Awards are calculated on a points basis according to the achievement of students throughout the year. Because of their efforts and results on the sporting fields we award a Sportsperson of the Year.
Involvement in Sport Award is awarded to a Year 12 student who over their years of schooling at St Joseph’s College has involved themselves in the sporting culture of the school.

Pursuit of Excellence Award – this award is presented to a student who goes above and beyond to achieve the best they can in their sporting endeavours.

Daniel Dougherty Memorial Trophy is awarded to a young rugby league player in memory of Daniel whose lost his life at an early age. His parents wanted his memory to live on in the College as part of the Rugby League program.

Wayne Seaniger Memorial Netball Trophy is presented in memory of Wayne Seaniger who was the father of one of our netball players. He was a fun loving and devoted father who lived through his daughter playing netball.

Elite Achievement Award – recognises a student who is achieving significant sporting achievements

Engagement & Leadership Awards

Bishop’s Trophy for College Captains
Each year the Bishop’s Trophy for College Captains is presented to the outgoing captains. This year our 4 captains have made their mark. They are young people who are fine role models for the rest of the student body.

Ken Randle Memorial Trophy for Contribution to College Life is presented in honour of Mr Ken Randle, a staff member, who died in 1993. At St Joseph’s College we value the contribution of students and their ’Cheerful, Willing, Generous, Voluntary and Consistent Involvement’ in College life (as the staff at the time saw in Ken).

P & F Award for Achievement
The Parents and Friends Association Award acknowledges a student who has consistently worked hard with studies and has contributed to the College and shown leadership, and has overcome challenges to achieve success.

Robert Houghton Memorial Trophy for Study, Leadership & Sport
Robert Houghton was a past student who was killed in a car accident in 1966, before many of you in this room were born, and in his memory we present a trophy to a student for his or her achievements in Study, Leadership and extra-curricular endeavours.

First Seniors’ Trophy for School Spirit, Dedication & Involvement
To receive acclaim from and be held in respect by one’s peers is a great honour indeed. The first group of seniors at St Joseph’s College graduated 33 Years ago in 1987. They wanted to leave a trophy which each year would be presented to a student who demonstrates School Spirit, Dedication and Involvement.

Award for Practical Excellence
We are proud of our history of offering students the opportunity of studying practical courses at St Joseph’s College. In recognition of that we present each year an Award for Practical Excellence to a Senior Student who has achieved well in Vocational Education subjects.

Rotary Award for Service to the College and Community
With our motto, Serve Him in Others, we particularly like to note the contribution of a senior for his or her voluntary work and service to the community.

Pat and Clare Crimmins Award for Home Economics – Year 11 student

  • Academic excellence in home economics
  • Excellent behaviour
  • Brings equipment
  • Excellent organisational skills
  • Excellent role model
  • Passionate about Home Economics
  • Willingness to help others

The Joey’s Way Award
The ‘Walk the Joey’s Way’ Awards are new additions in 2021. This award recognises students who have embodied our values in all areas of College life.

Academic Awards

Year 10 All Rounder Award
Each year a Year 10 student is recognised for his/her achievement having demonstrated the best all rounder qualities in the fields of scholastic achievement, college activities, sport and conduct.

Special Awards

Edmund Rice Award – Junior & Senior​

The core values of Edmund Rice are embedded in our life here at St Joseph’s. The College values of Compassion, Dignity, Respect and Endeavour are reflected across the Edmund Rice touchstones of Gospel Spirituality, Liberating Education, Inclusive Community and Justice and Solidarity. ​

The Junior and Senior Edmund Rice awards will recognise students to show dedication to upholding these values and living a life modelled on that of Blessed Edmund Rice. ​

Leadership Team’s Trophy for Excellence in the Arts
The Leadership Team would like to recognise Excellence in the Arts at St Joseph’s College.
This year the awardee has achieved a high standard in Music and Music Extension. She has also been actively involved in the music programme at the College, illustrating excellence in the classroom and performance and studied both drama and visual art.

College Board Trophy for Endeavour
The College Board presents a trophy to a student of excellent quality across many areas of endeavour in the life of the College.

Cultural Awards

Conductor’s Award Musical Proficiency (Instrumental) is awarded to a student with special musical skills who provides leadership in the bands through competent technique and musical interpretation.
The Conductor’s Award Musical Proficiency (Girl’s Vocal) is awarded to a student who is a committed member of Girls’ Choir, Combined choir and Liturgy choir.
The Conductor’s Award for Boys’ Choir is awarded to a student who has demonstrated excellent commitment and enthusiasm to Boys’ choir.
The Conductor’s Award Strings is awarded to a String Player student who demonstrates capacity and musicianship on a string instrument, and leadership in the ensemble.
The Conductor’s Award Junior Band is awarded to a student in the junior years who has demonstrated musical talent and skill at a young age is reliable and enthusiastic in rehearsals.
The Conductor’s Award for Junior Choir is awarded to a young singer who is reliable in attendance, enthusiastic in performance and passionate about singing.

Peter Kenny Award for Musical Excellence
On his retirement as Principal here at the College, Mr Peter Kenny wished to recognise outstanding contribution and excellence of a music student.


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