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College Board

St Joseph’s College Board provides advice and support to the Principal and the leadership team of the College.

Members of the Board are valued for their wisdom and the contribution they make to the College and work together to ensure that the Edmund Rice ethos underpins the life of the College.

St Joseph's College Toowoomba

The Board consists of up to 12 members, appointed by the Principal in consultation with TCSO.

Sub-committees are appointed for specific tasks. The Board also appoints a Finance Committee which reports to the Board.

Principal Mr Kort Goodman
Board Chairperson Mr John O’Brien
Deputy Chairperson Mrs Alison Kennedy
Spiritual Fr Ray Crowley
Staff Rep Ms Leigh Price
Minute Secretary Ms Rachel Thomas
Parent Rep Ms Karen Coulston
Parent Rep Mr Paul Apel
Parent Rep Mr Michael Lane
Parent Rep Mrs Carmen Humphries

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