• Internet and network resources are intended for educational purposes only.
  • Users agree to identify themselves correctly in any correspondence and not disguise or masquerade or misrepresent themselves.
  • Users will not share their own password or login with another user’s password.
  • Users will not copy or distribute illegal copies of software (games, MP3 files, video files etc).
  • Files are to be saved to the student’s own OneDrive in appropriate subject folders.
  • Students are responsible for correctly saving and backing up their data.
  • School resources are not for gaming use.



Users acknowledge that individuals and their caregivers may be held responsible for damage and inappropriate use of school resources.

Users acknowledge and accept that if they violate the terms and conditions of acceptable use, or their conduct is deemed by the Principal to be unacceptable (e.g. hacking the network), they may forfeit the privilege to use the College’s network resources.



  • Devices must always be kept within the protective shell and students must always carry their device within the protective bag The device must be within the protective case both between classes and to and from College each day.
  • Each device must be kept free of stickers and graffiti and students must not remove any of the identification labels, which have been applied by the ICT team to identify the device.
  • Students and parents are not permitted to install any other applications or software onto the device or alter/delete any software installed by the ICT team.
  • All devices must be charged at home each evening and be brought to school fully charged each day.
  • Students are not permitted to bring their charger to school.
  • Students are not permitted to remove or alter the specific network settings including web filtering and anti-virus software,
  • All devices should remain securely stored during breaks unless there is express permission from a teacher.
  • Students must immediately report any missing items or damage to the classroom teacher and ICT team when at College and to parents when at home.

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