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St Joseph’s College recognises parents as the prime educators of their children.

All parents are invited to be involved in their children’s education through the Parents and Friends Association (P&F).

The P&F has been an integral part of the college community since 1984 and its main function is to allow parents to be informed and involved in College life.

The P&F’s focus is on sharing information and giving parents the chance to have their say  to help the College grow and innovate.

Apart from being informative, the P&F assists in providing future physical facilities that will improve the quality of College life. Your involvement can really make a difference. By attending, parents will be making an investment in the education of their Children.

P & F Committee 2020

  • President: Carmen Humphries
  • Vice-President: Annie Barnes
  • Secretary: Wendy Murphy
  • Treasurer: Toni Burton
  • Property Manager: Juanita Krause


Get Involved in St Joseph’s P&F Association

We welcome all parents and friends to attend our monthly gathering as we value your contribution. Please complete the Get Involved enquiry form for meeting dates and locations and join us to become part of your child’s education and life at St Joseph’s.

For more information about our upcoming meeting dates and location, to receive a monthly copy of our minutes  or if you’re interested in joining St Joseph’s P&F, please complete the Get Involved enquiry form.


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