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Parent Partnership Forum

St Joseph’s College Parent Partnership Forum provides advice and support to the Principal and the leadership team of the College.

Members of the Parent Partnership Forum (PPF) are valued for their wisdom and the contribution they make to the College and work together to ensure that the Edmund Rice ethos underpins the life of the College.

St Joseph's College Toowoomba

The Parent Partnership Forum (PPF) consists of an five teams (Executive, community interest, learning interest, service interest, special project), appointed by the Principal in consultation with TCSO.

The teams offer an alternative model to the traditional formal collaboration between parents and the College in order to honour the place of parents in the life of schools and provide a more effective and realistic avenue for the voice of parents to contribute to school planning and decision making.

Principal Mr Kort Goodman
Parish Priest/Director Fr Ray Crowley
Community Interest Team Co-Ordinator  
Learning Interest Team Co-Ordinator  
Service Interest Team Co-Ordinator  
Special Interest Team Co-Ordinator  

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