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You’ll Never Walk Alone Program

At St Joseph’s we know that the wellbeing of our students is essential to their learning success.

A focus on wellbeing and developing individual personal skills enables students to be happier at school and thrive in an increasingly complex world. St Joseph’s College provides a safe and supportive co-educational environment in which each student is encouraged to strive for excellence.

The St Joseph’s College wellbeing program, You’ll Never Walk Alone, is evolving to suit our global world. The program is holistic in approach and responds to students’ mental health, physical health and social connectedness. Students are guided to develop skills to be resilient and independent young people who can flourish in their environment.

Our students are encouraged to develop their talents to the best of their ability through a balanced involvement in all aspects of College life. Every opportunity is available for students to take the journey of self-discovery throughout their time at the College which allows them to they realise their interests and talents.

St Joseph's College Toowoomba
St Joseph's College Toowoomba

The You’ll Never Walk Alone program encompasses the whole school and aims to:

  • Enhance the development of a school environment where children and young people feel safe, valued, engaged and purposeful
  • Deliver a curriculum which provides students with opportunities to acquire knowledge and develop positive values, attitudes and behaviours
  • Provide access to support for all students, especially those dealing with learning, social, emotional or wellbeing needs
  • Establish partnerships with parents and wellbeing specialists to ensure appropriate assessment and intervention is available to those who need it most.
Smiling student
Smiling student

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