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Genius Hour

Genius Hour is an innovative program which gives students the opportunity to pursue their passions outside of the regular curriculum.

Each week students take time to question, think, learn, and explore the things they love and are curious about. With teacher assistance, students will create goals, and then reflect themselves on them during class time with opportunities for the students to present what they have learned to their peers.

The Genius Hour program aims to extend learning and set students up for the real world through three key areas:

  • Answer questions – students learn how to persevere, ask and answer questions using topics they are interested as key subject matter
  • Make learning visible – giving students opportunities to present their findings and write blog posts and content to inform others
  • Ignite imaginations and excitement to learn – students are engaged with topics that interest them and hone important skills that can be applied to other areas of school and life.

Giving students time for creativity, discovery, learning and opinion on topics that interest them we can create an opportunity for empowerment and growth of the individual and the organisation. St Joseph’s Genius Hour has benefits for all learners; students, parents and teachers.

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Smiling student

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