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Pastoral Care

Student wellbeing

Our values of Compassion, Respect, Dignity and Endeavour are based on the Gospel values and provide the foundation for the St Joseph’s community to thrive. They motivate and shape our behaviour and help us navigate the future we want to help create.

We know that the pastoral care of our students underpins their learning success. St Joseph’s College fosters a positive climate of care with the strong relationships between staff, students and parents central to our community’s success.

Personal growth happens most powerfully in a forgiving environment and St Joseph’s has a reputation for giving its students space to grow. Our pastoral care is holistic in approach and responds to students’ mental health, physical health and social connectedness. Students develop skills to be resilient, motivated and independent young people who flourish in the school environment and then in the world beyond school.

St Joseph's College Toowoomba

Pastoral Care groups

The College’s Pastoral Care groups focus on building important relationships. They are based on the model of the family and include students from Years 7 to 12 in each group.

Students remain with their Pastoral Care group and Pastoral Care teacher throughout their time at the College which allows them to build meaningful relationships with both their teachers and other students in the group.

A big sister/brother program is also in place to assist Year 7 students to be welcomed into the community.  Year 12s work hard to ensure that our new students feel included as quickly as possible.

House System

We place great importance on building collaborative relationships with students, so we can better understand their individual learning style...

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You'll Never Walk Alone Program

At St Joseph’s we know that the wellbeing of our students is essential to their learning success.

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Faith in Action

Spirituality at the College is alive and engaging. We have a strong reputation for nurturing the Christian faith and the Christian Brothers’ values are core to everything we do.

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Catholic Education

St Joseph’s College Toowoomba is a College founded on the ideals and values of Edmund Rice and the Christian Brothers.

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Genius Hour

Genius Hour is an innovative program which gives students the opportunity to pursue their passions outside of the regular curriculum.

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Feeling Safe

St Joseph’s College knows everyone has the right to feel safe. These Student Protection Officers are available to talk to at school.

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