College Uniform Regulations

Students are expected to arrive and depart each day in the appropriate college uniform worn neatly and with pride at all times. Whilst off campus, students are expected to wear the college uniform to the standard expected on campus.

Assemblies/Liturgies/Formal Ceremonies

Students are to arrive at assemblies, liturgies and formal ceremonies wearing the appropriate uniform.

Casual/Recreational Attire

This applies to all students on casual dress occasions:


In keeping with the college Sunsafe Policy, all students must wear a college hat. The hat should be worn when travelling to and from the College, during breaks and whenever the student is outside. The hat must be kept in a respectable condition and must be named.

Representative Sport

The College expects a high standard of dress for all sports. Sporting coaches will indicate to students the uniform required for a particular sport. In keeping with the Sunsafe Policy students must wear a college hat to and from sport.

During timetabled PE/PT lessons students are to wear the college sports uniform or an approved House-coloured shirt. In keeping with the Sunsafe Policy students must wear a college approved bucket hat or cap.

Information for Parents/Carers

Parents/carers are particularly requested to see that these regulations are adhered to and to foster in their student/s pride in the neatness of the college uniform.

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