School Uniform Policy

The dress code of St Joseph’s College requires a high standard of personal grooming together with an expectation that the correct uniform is worn appropriately at school and in the general community, including to and from school. This is necessary for our College to conform to Workplace Health and Safety guidelines, which include Sunsmart practices. This policy is also to ensure that a positive image of the College is presented both internally and outwardly to the wider community.

Values and Principles
In exercising our duty of care through Workplace Health and Safety, including Sunsmart legislation the staff and parents will be
diligent in helping students to be consistent in implementing the current uniform policy. The dress code instils in the students to take pride in their appearance and show respect for themselves and the College by wearing the uniform with dignity.

This policy seeks to reinforce, through wearing the uniform correctly, the following:

All students are required to wear the uniform as per the School Uniform Guidelines and present themselves well at all times.
It is expected that the uniform be presented in a clean and presentable condition.

If any part of the uniform does not comply with the College expectations we ask that parent/s or caregiver/s please provide
a note or other communication to the Pastoral Care teacher in the morning. A similar note or other communication will be
required each day until the uniform is deemed compliant or an alternative arrangement is agreed upon by the College Administration team. Students need to be aware that the College will set high standards in relation to the uniform and it is expected that the students will fulfil their obligations in meeting these standards.

Uniform Regulations- Information for Parents and Caregivers
Parents and caregivers are requested to ensure that these regulations are adhered to and to foster in their child pride in the
wearing of the College uniform.

Students are expected to arrive and depart each day in the appropriate College uniform worn neatly. Students are expected
to wear the College uniform maintaining the same high standards off campus as they would when on campus.

The correct sport uniform is to be worn for all sporting activities and PE lessons.

Shoes are to be kept clean and polished and maintained in good condition. Students are to wear the prescribed College socks, with long socks pulled up at all times.

Incorrect uniform or presentation will be addressed initially by the PC teacher with the student, then parents and caregivers will be contacted to assist in resolving the issue, if necessary. Failure to correct the breaches may result in the student being sent home until the issue is resolved.

Assemblies, Liturgies and Formal Ceremonies
Students are to arrive at assemblies, liturgies and other formal celebrations in the appropriate uniform.

Casual/Recreational Attire
This applies to all students on casual dress occasions or when attending school camps, retreats etc.

In keeping with the College Sunsafe Policy, all students must wear the College hat. The hat should be worn during break times and whenever the student is outside. The hat must be kept in a presentable condition in accordance with uniform guidelines and must be clearly labelled with the students’ name.

Representative Sport
When representing the College there is an expectation that a high standard of dress is displayed by all College students, whether attending events or participating in events. Sport coaches will indicate to students the uniform required for their particular sport. In keeping with the Sunsafe policy students must wear the College hat to and from sport.

During timetabled PE lessons students are required to wear the College sports uniform including a hat, particularly when students are engaged in outdoor sporting activities.

Protective items / clothing
Plain black sunglasses are permitted to be worn outside.

Rashies and singlets are not to be visible under any uniform.

The use of sunscreen is recommended.

Hair must be kept neat, clean and tidy at all times. Hairstyles and colour for all students needs to be conservative and of one even, natural colour. Students with unnatural colours or colours that are markedly different from their own natural colour will be asked to get this rectified, and in extreme cases, the student may be sent home.

Hairstyles must allow for the correct wearing of the College hat. The use of hair products such as gel, wax or mousse must be

It is the responsibility of the student to meet prescribed standards regarding presentation of hair. Parents should be supportive of the guidelines. The final decision regarding acceptability of personal appearance will rest with the College Principal and the
Administration team.

Boys’ hair will be cut in a conservative style.

Girls’ hair will be kept in a conservative style and manner.

Uniform Requirements and Price List 2019
Changes to Uniform 2019/2020

All uniform items are available from the College Uniform Shop (Ph: 4631 8514).

Uniform Shop Opening Hours

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Uniform Shop Trading Hours 2018/2019 Holidays

More information about the Uniform Shop can be obtained by contacting the College Office.

Information for Parents/Carers

Parents/carers are particularly requested to see that these regulations are adhered to and to foster in their student/s pride in the neatness of the college uniform.

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