nick-lynchSmall College - Educating the Whole Person

St Joseph's College Toowoomba is a place in which the message of Jesus is lived on a day-to-day basis. An educational institution firmly rooted in Gospel Values, it strives to be a place where its Vision Statement is not just a framed document hanging on a wall. The spiritual, educational, pastoral and communal aspects of the statement are high ideals to aim for and continually applied to all aspects of College life.

My own belief is that, for Teachers and Parents to succeed in their vocation, they must do all in their power to call forth and nurture all that is good, wholesome and noble in the minds and hearts of the young women and men entrusted to their care. At the same time, dysfunctional behaviour must be continually challenged in the light of Gospel Values.

It is my firm belief that the students who attend St Joseph's College become well-adjusted young women and men, prepared to make a difference to the world into which they are moving, and who eventually become positive and contributing members of their faith communities and society at large.

Mr Nicholas Lynch
College Principal