Paramount to Catholic Education is the belief in nurturing right relationships and recognising the dignity of all people in the light of the Gospel values. We believe that the key to growth in the values of the Gospel of Jesus is our relationship with the poor, oppressed and powerless of our community. This relationship has to be one of solidarity and mutual respect in order for it to be transformational. The Catholic school, therefore, sets out to be a school for the human person and of human persons. "The person of each individual human being, in his or her material and spiritual needs, is at the heart of Christ's teaching: this is why the promotion of the human person is the goal of the Catholic school" (Cf. John Paul II, Address to the First National Meeting of the Catholic School in Italy, in L'Osservatore Romano, 24 November, 1991, p. 4.)

St Joseph’s College Toowoomba is a College founded on the ideals and values of Edmund Rice and the Christian Brothers.

“Edmund Rice discovered in the poor a God he had never known. It was that discovery that left him disturbed at the way his society excluded people and marginalised them. Today our young people have an experience of life that leaves them dissatisfied with and suspicious of organised religion.” (Br Pinto, 2005, Just Teach, Vol 4).

It is our task as educators in a Catholic school to help our students discover avenues that will put them in touch with the deep spirituality of their lives. We aim to assist our students to grow into young women and men positively engaged in their community.

Students at all year levels study Religious Education. The Religious Education program is vital in helping young people to gain appropriate skills, understanding and knowledge of key aspects of the Catholic Faith. The liturgical and retreat life of the College is alive and engaging and is another key aspect of educating our young people in their Catholic faith. The Social Justice program aims to offer students a variety of experiences so that they may grow in an understanding of their ability and their responsibility to help shape a better future for the world in which they live. We aspire to live our College motto of “Serve Him in Others” faithfully.

The Religious Education Program, the liturgical and retreat life and the Social Justice program aim to be in harmony with each other and therefore complement each other. This three-way relationship enables students to gain the necessary skills to understand their experiences and then be able to reflect and pray with the whole community about these issues.

St Joseph's College Mission Statement