On Friday 8 March, 25 members of the 2019 St Joseph’s College Confraternity Rugby League team travelled to the St Maria Goretti School in Inglewood to undertake building projects within the school and to build bonds between the two school communities. The team members built a new play area for the students during the afternoon, hosted, cooked and served a BBQ for the entire school community in the evening and then the next morning, after a team training run, put on a coaching clinic for the students and finally prepared a breakfast of bacon and eggs for the staff, parents and students. Finally, at about midday, the team boarded the bus and returned to St Joseph’s. What is also noteworthy is that a number of students had games away from Toowoomba that morning and yet still came out to help with the Friday afternoon and evening activities before being picked up early on Saturday morning.

The St Joseph’s Confraternity Rugby League team has been doing this for seven or eight years now and have contributed to the wonderful little school that is St Maria Goretti. The students from both schools look forward to this annual event. It is a credit to the people who helped set this up, Mrs Paula O’Rourke, Mr Brian Cantwell and former St Joseph’s AP Mr Dave Klease. It provides an opportunity for the boys in the team to contribute to society and to interact with children much younger than themselves from very different backgrounds in a very positive way.

As can be seen from the photos, the St Maria Goretti School students are making good use of their new area. Special mention should be made of our plumbing apprentice par excellence, Max Harrison who came to the rescue when we inadvertently cut through a water pipe while digging out the play area.

Special thanks must go the Mr Canning, Mr Cantwell and College Principal Mr Lynch for their contribution an support to this event. In addition, I would like to acknowledge the students who gave up not only their time, but also give of themselves to make it such a memorable occasion for the St Maria Goretti community.