Wow! What a fantastic way for our awesome Year 7 students to start High School! Two very full days of activities, challenges, learning and reflecting!
Having the whole Mackillop Centre to themselves, they engaged with activities to start to rewire neurological paths in their brains. They analysed why a 9000kg elephant might feel a little sapling tree could hold her back, and what would the challenges be when training fleas!

Students were definitely challenged in their thinking and pushed outside their social comfort zones, having to pair up with new people for almost every activity. It was wonderful to see so many smiles, affirmations towards each other, positive and respectful behaviours and the students really getting to know each other over the two days. The UPP program hosted by Peter and Cody made direct links and connections with our current You'll Never Walk Alone Program and the students were able to apply the vocabulary and concepts to their activities and reflections. The student's imagination and energy
throughout the two days were magical! We identified together that to solve problems and to learn, we need to make mistakes and have the opportunity to think about our mistakes for a change of behaviour and thinking into the future. We learnt that it's ok to ask for help and that if we find something challenging, it does not mean we give up; it simply means we haven't mastered it YET!

A massive 'Shout Out' must go to our teachers and teacher aides who gave up their time to assist with the activities and build rapport with students over the two days. Without their
guidance and assistance, rich learning experiences for our young people would not be possible.