On Friday 1 March, St Joseph’s hosted the Caritas Just Leadership Day for secondary schools. We were lucky to have Kerry and Catherine from Caritas there to lead the 60 high school students through what it means to be a Social Justice leader. The schools that gathered were given the opportunity to join together and share innovative ideas to achieve Social Justice.

Schools prided themselves on networking and collaborating to create ideas. Interaction with Downlands College, Mary Mackillop College, St Mary’s College, Assumption College Warwick and St Saviour’s College allowed us to develop and broaden our perspective on issues around the world. It will raise awareness and much needed funds to help the less advantage. Particularly when brainstorming, not only was our learning improved but vital learning was achieved.

The day revealed to us that fundraising, while important, is not the only avenue for creating justice. Justice must also incorporate awareness and solidarity. At the end of the day, we were given time to plan for our year ahead and we have some great ideas in store. So please, watch this space and be ready to support our social justice initiatives.