From Thursday 1 November to Sunday 4 November, 25
students travelled to Logan each day to compete in the inaugural CBSQ Sweet 16 tournament.

We are really blessed to work with such amazing young people. Our students were enthusiastic, encouraging, played with sportsmanship, integrity, grit, determination and heart.

Our Boys team led by Luke Logan played some very entertaining and exciting basketball. I was unable to watch too many games as we were at different venues. A huge thank you to Luke for assisting, coaching Thursday and Friday, and giving up his Sunday with the boys.

The girls team were amazing, with only two experienced
basketballers in the team. We fought valiantly to finish 8th overall in the round games. After cross overs we finished the tournament with a bronze medal in division 2!!! In addition, Mariah Zillman was named in the All Star 5 for Division 2 teams. Not bad to be selected in the top 5 with almost 100 girls to choose from in our division!

Many of the other schools teachers, parents and coaches
commented on the sportsmanship and joy of our students, a credit to the influencers in their lives, their parents and themselves.