Congratulations to all students who received an award on Tuesday night. The College celebrates student achievement across many subjects by presenting Top of the Cohort for each of the key learning areas by awarding Merit for Academic Performance for each subject. As a College we also recognise students who have consistently applied themselves in all of their subjects by awarding Merit for Application awards.

The Art Exhibition provided an opportunity for students to showcase their work and share their talent. This is a very special event which has called on many in our community to work above and beyond. Mrs Rasmussen and the Liturgy Group created a wonderful reflection to begin our evening. The performances by the drama students under the direction of Mrs Barton were excellent. Ms Minns and Miss Scott oversee the musical performances and choir and do an amazing job and the performances were exceptional. Finally the evening concluded with a supper for invited guests and special award winners as listed below. Thank you to Mrs Marshall, Mrs Krueger and Mrs Singleton for their tireless work behind the scenes.


Caltex Best All Rounder Award: Jacob Nolan
Relf Family Award: Patrick O’Brien
Dux of Year 10 Mike Horan Award: Sophie Parker
Dux of Year 10 Mike Horan Award: Eloise Young

Conductor’s Award Musical Proficiency (Instrumental): Abby Holzworth
Conductor’s Award Musical Proficiency (Girls Vocal): Abigail Watson
Conductor’s Award (Boys Vocal): Douglas Tschumy
Conductor’s Award Strings: Niamh Stevens
Conductor’s Award Junior Band: Emily Duggan
Conductor’s Award Junior Choir: Jocelyn Smith

Junior Sportsman of the Year: Callum Galvin
Junior Sportswoman of the Year: Jada Ferguson
Senior Sportsman of the Year: Jacob Whale
Senior Sportswoman of the Year: Mataeya Higgs

Bishop’s Trophy for College Captains: Katherine Spalding
Bishop’s Trophy for College Captains: Jackson O’Brien
Ken Randle Memorial Trophy for Contribution to College Life: Douglas Tschumy
Award for Practical Excellence: Douglas Tschumy
Leadership Team’s Trophy for Excellence in the Arts: Lauren Salmond
Peter Kenny Award for Musical Excellence: Maddison Wecker
Rotary Award for Service to the College and Community: Maddison Wecker
P&F Award for Achievement: Douglas Tschumy
College Board Trophy for Endeavour: Megan Pretorius
Robert Houghton Memorial Trophy for Study, Leadership and Sport: Shana Stokes
First Seniors’ Trophy for School Spirit, Dedication and Involvement: Katherine Spalding
Principal’s Trophy – Dux of the College: Stuart Hogan