Last Friday the annual athletics carnival was held. We have had almost perfect weather for the first few weeks of the term but Friday it decided we would have a curve ball and throw in some cool breeze and give goose bumps to all the students. It did warm up towards the end of the day but was a little unbearable in the shade.

It was great to see so many students here and competing. After finalising events over the last four weeks our age champions were:


12 years
1. A. Caporn 201 pts (R) 
2. G. Gregson 148 pts (R) 
3. S. Van Dongen 133 pts (M)
13 Years
1. S. Teakle 184 pts (R) 
2. A. Grangos 160 pts (A) 
2. C. Middleton 160 pts (R) 
3. E. Schuh 158 pts (B)

14 years
1. K. Brighton 229 pts (R) 1
2. A. Costigan 219 pts (M) 
3. P. Baird 192 pts (A) 

15 years
1. L. Hegarty 184 pts (A) 
1. J. Bolton 184 pts (B) 
2. E. Young 153 pts (R) 
3. M. Lockwood 106 pts (M)

16 years
1. M. Higgs 219 pts (M) 
2. K. Greer 176 pts (R) 
3. B. Moran 162 pts (M)

17-19 years
1. J. Sullivan 246 pts (A) 
2. S. Stokes 202 pts (B) 
3. M. Pretorius 198 pts (B)

12 years
1. C. Galvin 216 pts (M)
2. C. Wright 198 pts (B)
3. A. Wiggins 162 pts (B)

13 years
1. B. Smith 157 pts (M)
2. M. Bloom 127 pts (M)
3. N. Lawson 123 pts (R)
14 years
1. N. Ganly 193 pts (M)
2. N. Nugent 166 pts (M)
3. J. Wright 165 pts (B)
15 years
1. J. Nolan 168 pts (A)
1. C. Uprichard-Green 168 pts (M)
2. N. Uprichard-Green 145 pts (M)
3. M. Ashton 114 pts (M)
16 years
1. J. McGovern 225 pts (B)
2. D. Buckley 195 pts (R)
3. C. Donaldson 145 pts (R)
17-19 years
1. K. Smapson 197 pts (R)
2. J. Moran 122 pts (M)
3. D. Maroulis 118 pts (B)

This means that our Iron woman of the carnival goes to Jordyn Sullivan with an amazing 246 points and the Iron man of the carnival goes to Jack McGovern with 225 points. Congratulations to both competitors.

The overall points for the day were: in fourth place McAuley on 5,666 points, in third place Brennan on 6,261 points, runner-up was Murphy on 6,800 points and the overall winners were Rice house on 7,289 points.

Many thanks to the tuckshop ladies who provided lunch for everyone on the day – it was very tasty. To the groundsmen for preparing the oval. To the parents and grandparents who attended on the day it was great to see many sitting and watching the events. To the teachers for their tireless efforts to allow the carnival to run smoothly. Without everyone working together as a team the carnival cannot take place.