The spectacular LUMINOUS Lantern Parade lit up South Bank on Friday 9th June with a dazzling array of over 400 lanterns, many of which were made by community groups and schools. Students and staff from St Joseph’s College attended this event as a show of welcome for new Queenslanders, including refugees, international students, people seeking asylum and migrants.

The parade wound its way through South Bank Parklands where our small but energetic groups received supportive comments and cheers. We were delighted to hear a proud voice from the crowd proclaim “Hey St Joseph’s I am an old girl of Joeys”. There were hugs and exclamations when she realised that her former teacher Mr Saide was present.

Some of our students were also involved in carrying the Rainbow Serpent Lantern for MDA (Multicultural Diversity Australia) Toowoomba.

Plans are underway for next year’s event including a huge lantern; maybe not as big as the pictured elephant but still as impressive.

Thank you to Megan Pretorius, Chelsea Low, Dayna Southam, Isabelle Gates, Lachlan Brown, Eleanor Anderssen, Brent Pedernal, Megan Fanning, Mahala Pemberton and Skye Burey and to our dedicated and generous staff Heather Hagemann, Chris Fitzpatrick, Winnie Atzeni, Gerard Saide, Beth Moloney, Megan Puhakka and Kellie Ford. Thank you to Mr Saide for our fantastic photographs. As always thanks must go to our Office staff for their work behind the scenes with first aid, risk assessments and excursion details. I would especially like to thank the staff from Toowoomba office for their offer of seats on their hired bus. Without the support of all these people, events like this would be impossible to offer to our students.