Even though we were forced to change the date for the cross country we did not have the best of days to run our carnival, with the wind blowing everything everywhere. We were not game to even put up the tents for fear they would end up on Kearney Street.

Many students still decided to stay away for the day, which is disappointing from a House point of view, but also disappointing in that it was a chance to get some exercise, walk and run with friends in an open environment and to watch students who have a talent in this area strut their stuff. To be involved is to be part of the school environment, no matter how big or small.

Congratulations goes to all students who attempted the runs last week. The majority of students ran, some pushed a wheel chair and others walked for the afternoon, but no matter how they achieved the results, they all scored valuable points for their House. That is what House spirit is all about and we cannot build on this if we stay at home.

Age Champions for the day were:


12 Years: 3 kms
1. Sophie Van Dongen (M)14:55.57 
2. Giorgia Gregson (R) 16:47.34 
3. Victoria Jacklin (A) 17:38.55 

13 Years: 3 kms
1. Savannah Teakle (R) 13.32
2. Sarsha Coll (A) 14.10
3. Tahlia Utz (R) 14.19

14 Years: 4 kms
1. Phoebe Baird (A) 19:33.00 
2. Aslin Costigan (M) 21:16.73 
3. Mackenzie Diprose (R) 21:30.30

15 Years: 4 kms
1. Samantha Carberry (R) 18:37.40 
2. Laney Hegarty (A) 19:27.75 
3. Jorja Bolton (B) 20:44.88 

16 Years: 4 kms 
1. Breanna Moran (M) 20.15 
2. Mataeya Higgs (M) 20.35 
3. Cassandra Carberry (R) 20.40 

17-19 Years: 4 kms 
1. Elizabeth Hockam (A) 18.54 
2. Megan Pretorius (B) 20.02 
3. Shana Stokes (B) 20.04 


12 Years: 3 kms
1. Callum Wright (B) 13:16.50
 2. Callum Galvin (M) 13:39.72
 3. Nicholas Darvell (B) 14:31.26

13 Years: 3 kms
1. Riley Willmot (R) 11:30.55
2. Brendan Roche (M) 11:34.50
3. Daniel Tyler (A) 11:53.09

14 Years: 4 kms
1. Ryan Ward (M) 16:13.91
2. Mitchell Berg (R) 16:37.10
3. Dan Rosenberger (M) 17:54.64

15 Years: 4 kms
1. Josh Reid (M) 17:03
2. Nathan Uprichard-Green (M) 17:25
3. Craig Uprichard-Green (M) 17:48

16 Years: 6 kms
1. Lachlan Watt (R) 22.49
2. Jack McGovern (B) 25.03
3. Darcy Roche (M) 25:19

17-19 Years: 6 kms
1. Danyan Evans (B) 22.45
2. Tate Costigan (M) 23.39
3. Brock Lehfeldt (A) 23.40

The final points were all very close with Rice taking out the afternoon on 10,090 points, Murphy House just 20 points behind on 10,070, then McAuley 8,550 points and Brennan on 7890 points.

Many thanks goes to all staff members who assisted on the day at the various check points, performing time keeping etc. Thanks also to the groundsmen for helping to set up, the tuckshop ladies for supplying the water and to the students for doing the best they could.