Within the context of our college community, the staff’s aim is for students to be nurtured and encouraged to develop their talents to the best of their ability through a balanced involvement in all aspects of college life. This should enable students to graduate from the College as well-adjusted young people, capable of taking their place as responsible, active and just members of society. All are encouraged to strive for personal responsibility while developing the awareness that they form part of a community.

The College offers a particular climate of care.  The aim of our Behaviour Management Policy is to show students that we care for them and that this caring is consistent with fairness and justice.  Personal growth happens most powerfully in a forgiving environment and St Joseph's has a reputation for giving its students space to grow. The values of Jesus are presented as the College's ideal.  Students are continually reminded that we are called to grow in our understanding of these values.  Our pastoral structures enhance the potential for meaningful relationships and very fruitful classroom dynamics.

Providing Guidance and Encouragement to All Students

Pastoral Care groups within the College are based on the model of the family and include students from Years 7 to 12 in each group.  Our House system provides a pastoral network and a caring environment for all students at St Joseph’s. Each student is a member of one of the College's four Houses: Brennan, McAuley, Murphy and Rice.  Students remain with their particular Pastoral Care (PC) group and PC teacher if possible during their years at the College enabling a close relationship to develop between student, PC teacher and other PC members.  House Co-ordinators provide advice, guidance and encouragement to students in their care.

A Big Sister/Brother program is in place to assist Year 7 students to be welcomed into the community.  Year 12s work hard to ensure that our new students feel included as quickly as possible.

Integral to a successful education is the close partnership that exists between the College and the home. Parents are encouraged to contact the Pastoral Care teacher if they wish to discuss their child’s progress.

A psychologist, as a member of staff, is available to provide support and counselling to all members of the College community. Students are also able to access the services of a Careers Counsellor to assist with career choices.

There is a part-time member of staff who liaises with families and the College.  This person endeavours to make contact with parents of new students and those who may need specific support.