Career Pathways

In the current climate of globalisation, rapid developments in technology and communications and demographic changes it has become evident that the way we live and work is undergoing dramatic transformations.

The idea of what constitutes a ‘career’ has changed.

What is a Career?
A career is all paid work, unpaid work and life roles you have in a lifetime.

What is Career Development?
‘Career Development is the lifelong process of managing learning, work, leisure and transitions in order to move toward a personally determined and evolving preferred future’

Source: Canadian Standards & Guidelines for Career Development Practitioners

Career Research and Planning
Career planning is about exploration and discovery. It is important for individuals to do a thorough assessment of themselves (e.g. personal interests, personality, values, abilities, skills and so on), identify other important influences on one’s career choice (e.g. parents, location, and labour market) and explore the range of options available (e.g. universities, TAFE, private colleges, apprenticeships, gap year, volunteer work, and so on).

At St Joey’s, students will carry out career research and planning in Future Options classes. The Careers Guidance Counsellor is available three days a week to meet with students and/or their care givers. Other staff available to assist students includes, the VET Co-ordinator, AP Curriculum, House Co-ordinators, Future Options Teachers and College staff in general.

A number of Career resources are available in the Counsellor’s House. Students have access to a computer, internet, printer and telephone in a supervised office setting.

Regular communication through College Newsletters, daily memos and emails provide students with information about career opportunities in employment, further study, enrichment programs, scholarships, equity programs and tertiary open days.

The myfuture website ( is Australia’s national online career information service. It has a wealth of information about different industries, occupations, study programs, education providers and much more. It also has a range of activities designed to guide and help you to develop a career plan. Students are encouraged to visit this site and also access all the resources available to them. In career planning, more knowledge makes choosing easier.

Fabiana Wilson

Careers Guidance Counsellor
St Joseph’s College, Toowoomba
Available school hours on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

07 4631 8500