All parents with children enrolled at St Joseph's College are offered the opportunity to be involved in their children's education through the Parents and Friends Association (P&F).

The P&F has been an integral part of the college community since 1984 and its main function is to allow parents to be informed and involved in college life. It also assists the Board and staff to develop policies that will ensure the ethos of the Catholic Education System is maintained. The P&F is also concerned with fostering good relations with the broader community and maintaining the College's reputation for excellence and achievement.

Recognising that time is precious but also recognising that parents should be involved and informed partners in their children's education, the P&F restricts its meetings to a maximum of one per month during the school academic year - February to November. These meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each of those months at 7.00 pm.

The Association is not dominated by fundraising programs, that is taken care of by the P&F levy. Parents will be surprised that the meetings are not Principal dominated and definitely not a monthly wish list of additional resources from the staff. The focus is on sharing information and giving parents the chance to add wisdom to the meetings, in order that the College can become a better learning organisation.

Apart from being informative, the P&F (in partnership with the Planning Committee and the Board) assist in providing for much needed future physical facilities that will improve the quality of College life. By attending parents will be making an investment in the education of their daughter or son. This investment will pay a dividend in the long-term and really make a difference.

P & F Committee 2018

Stacey Dray

Natasha Arnold

Julie Chardon

Toni Burton

Diocesan Delegates:
Julie Chardon and Toni Burton

Property Manager:
Stacey Dray and Juanetta Krause

Other Committee Members: