Why Choose St Joseph's?



Why Choose St Joseph’s?
St Joseph's College is a faith community where Catholic principles permeate all aspects of college life. The College endeavours to create an atmosphere where Gospel values are nurtured, internalised and integrated with the culture of the local community.
St Joseph’s is a co-educational Catholic College. Young women and men have the opportunity to socialise and to learn together. Teachers at St Joseph’s are conscious of individual learning styles and work hard to provide a wide range of learning activities to allow students to achieve their potential.
Being a Catholic College enables the values Jesus shared to be proudly embraced. The expectations are that students and staff respect every individual and have a strong sense of the sacred in life. People are cared for and encouraged to be the best that they can be. Service, care and justice are core values held by the St Joseph’s College community. 
The College charism is concisely expressed in its Vision Statement.
Vision Statement
St Joseph’s College is an educational community focused on the Spirit of Jesus. It aims to nurture in all who join it:
·        an alive and deepening search for God present-amongst-us in the world;
·        an expectation that to educate each person to his/her potential is a journey to self, and from self, to the world beyond;
·        an appreciation that growth which happens differently for each person needs space and time to truly bear fruit and
·        a commitment to the life and energy of this community to enable good to happen.


 St Joseph's College was established by the Christian Brothers in 1956 with an enrolment of 116 boys. Within six years of this commencement St Joseph's offered primary education from Year 4 to Year 7 and Scholarship, Sub-Junior and Junior classes to the boys of Toowoomba and district.
In 1982 the Christian Brothers announced their withdrawal as a living presence within the College. In the same year, Bishop Kelly announced that St Joseph's would become a Catholic co-educational secondary college.
In 1983 girls joined the College and commenced studies in Year 8. That year, as with each subsequent enrolment year, a primary grade was dropped until there were no remaining primary levels.
In 1984 lay leadership replaced the Brothers and a new era began for St Joseph's.
1987 saw the first co-educational Year 12 class graduate from the College.
The College presently caters for approximately 700 students in Years 8-12.