St Joseph’s has a range of excellent facilities that support student learning. Modern and relevant facilities provide a wide range of subject choices and a positive learning environment.
The College Master Plan ensures that future developments take place within an organised and systematic framework.
Specialised areas for Art, Drama, Home Economics, Hospitality, Information Technologies, Languages, Manual Technologies, Music, Physical Education and Sport are provided in addition to a modern library and spaces for general learning.
*Planning for Year 7
The Mary Rice Building
This building houses the College Library and seminar rooms, four classrooms and a computer room. The library provides a co-ordinated service ensuring staff and students have access to the well-organized, extensive library collection for their interests and needs. The library provides a number of teaching areas. It is well resourced with 88 computers and 50 laptops linked to the college network.

There are two kitchens: one a fully equipped commercial kitchen, enabling students to undertake hospitality based courses. Years 11 and 12 students are able to complete a Certificate II in Hospitality. Each year level has the opportunity to test its skills by organising a coffee shop or fine dining experience in the restaurant. Year 12 students invite parents and/or friends to their night time fine dining experience as the culmination of their studies in Term 4. There is a resourced textile room and a drafting computer room available to students.
MacKillop Centre
This Centre is on two levels. The upper level is an indoor sports centre with a full-size basketball court, change-rooms and toilets.
The lower level is home to the Manual Arts Department. This area comprises woodwork and metalwork rooms containing industry standard equipment including a laser cutter and CAD computers.

Creative Arts
The music area comprises a learning space large enough for college bands and ensembles to practise/perform and five small music practice rooms. These smaller areas enable students to undertake individual or group tuition or to participate in lunch time practice sessions for classes.
The McAuley Hall is a well-equipped drama area comprising a stage area, audience space, dressing rooms, lighting box and sound equipment. Performances are part of the assessments linked to drama courses offered at the College.
Art rooms are areas of inspiration and display many of the students’ creations. A kiln provides a necessary element for sculpture sections of courses. An Art Display is associated with the College Awards Night each year.
 Open Spaces
These are considered an integral part of the experience of learning while at the College and include both active and passive spaces for students.