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Parental Involvement
Parents are recognised as the first educators of their children. As such they are welcomed and encouraged to be a part of college activities. Involvement in the Parents & Friends Association and the College Board are avenues open to parents who wish to take a more active role in college life.
The Parents and Friends Association meets monthly and supports events and initiatives that occur throughout the course of the year. The P & F seeks practical ways and means to advance the educational development of the College.
The College Board meets monthly and is particularly focused on the development and implementation of policy direction. The Board develops policies to guide the Principal in the development of the life and spirit of the College.
Enrolment Procedures
·                    An Enrolment application form is available from the College Office.
·                    Enrolments for the initial year of high school are generally taken two years prior to commencement. Interviews for this initial year are conducted during Term Three.
·                    Applications for other year levels are available upon request.