Information Regarding QTAC Applications for Year 12 Students

Below is information for Year 12 students that I have cut and pasted directly from College Newsletters distributed in Term 3. I hope that the information will assist students wishing to apply for Tertiary entrance via QTAC over the holidays.  I will be available to assist students throughout Term 4. Students who have not yet collected their LUI numbers can email me requesting it (fwilson@sjc.qld.edu.au). Please take the time to read the information.

Enjoy a well deserved holiday!

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Mrs F. Wilson  


QTAC APPLICATIONS: applications are now open for 2012 Admissions to tertiary courses. To lodge an application, please go to the QTAC website’s Online Services and select the online application relevant to you (ie) Twelve-To-Tertiary.

Ordering Preferences:  A single QTAC application lodged from 1 August 2011 can include up to six course preferences. It is essential that preferences are ordered carefully. For example, if January is the major offer round for your first preference, and December is the major offer round for your second preference, you will not be considered for a place in your second preference as offers for it are released prior to your application being assessed for your first preference.

With this in mind, order your preferences using the following plan:

Ordering Preferences

Year 12 students need to be generating applications for University accommodation and scholarships now. Contact individual university websites for specific information. I am happy to assist students with this process.



Newsletter  (2) 11/8/11

QTAC APPLICATIONS: applications are now open for 2012 Admissions to tertiary courses. To lodge an application, please go to the QTAC website’s Online Services and select the online application relevant to you (ie) Twelve-To-Tertiary.

Note: the new QTAC  ' How to Lodge your TTT application' movie is now available on the Online Services page of the QTAC website. 



QTAC Applications

Year 12 students should now be finalising their QTAC applications to seek enrolment in tertiary studies. Current Year 12 applicants can apply for Semester 1 and 2, 2012. Applicants can select up to six course preferences. Advice about selection is available both on the QTAC website and in the QTAC Guide to Tertiary courses that all students have been issued with. I am happy to continue assisting students with this process. ‘On-time’ applications with the $32 fee close September 30. Thereafter it is still possible to enroll. Once the application has been lodged then changes can be made to the preferences.

Be prepared

Before applying, have ready your:

Learner Unique Identifier (LUI) number

Four-digit PIN (initially the day and month of your birth, eg 4 May = 0405)

List of QTAC course preferences, up to six


QTAC's Educational Access Scheme is for current and former students who have experienced difficult circumstances that have adversely impacted on their studies. If you experience difficult circumstances you should seek compensation though your school first. You might receive consideration such as extra time for assignments, access to technology, or adjustments to the type of assessment activity.  If you do receive compensation you are unlikely to receive it again when you apply through QTAC . However, if you do not receive compensation or if the compensation is not sufficient then QTAC's Education Access Scheme may assist. Depending on your situation, institutions may add bonuses to your rank/OP to increase the competitiveness of your tertiary study application.

NOTE: Issues relating to incidents such as this year’s Qld floods are considered as part of the EAS. All information about it is found via the following link including what documentation is required from the applicant and the school: www.qtac.edu/InfoSheets.EducationalAccessScheme.html





USQ Scholarship application closing date is October 28.


Aptitude for Engineering Assessment 2011: If you are interested in pursuing a career in engineering but lack the prerequisites or OP to earn a place, Griffith University is offering students a pathway into engineering by sitting the AEA exam on Saturday 24 September 10:00am – 1:00pm at Griffith University Gold Coast or Nathan campus. Successful students will receive an offer of guaranteed admission into the Bachelor of Engineering or the Bachelor of Engineering Technology at either Nathan or Gold Coast campus. There is a wide range of engineering disciplines offered; mechatronics, electrical & electronic engineering, civil engineering, sport & biomedical, mechanical, sustainable energy systems, electronic & computer engineering, environmental, software & microelectronic engineering.



Internship Opportunity for School LeaversSki & Snowboard Instructor Internship Programs’ in North America are now taking applications for 10 positions which commence in December 2011. This is a fantastic opportunity for school leavers because it gives them an opportunity to obtain paid employment in Canada and complete an internationally recognised ski or snowboard instructing qualification. Applicants will need to be 18 years of age by November, have a passion for skiing or snowboarding (beginner OK)

Interested Students Should: contact  sstraining@educatingadventures.com



QTAC applications due Friday,30 September: The on-time due date for applications is Friday, 30 September. Students can continue to apply through the TTT online service after this date for most courses. See page 4 of the QTAC Guide for courses with fixed closing dates.  Applicants are strongly encouraged to apply on time to allow sufficient time for QTAC to assess their application.


QTAC may contact applicants about their application: for various reasons, for example, to

advise that:

• further documentation is required to assess your application

• your preferences are not ordered correctly for consideration in an upcoming offer round

• an offer has been made to you

• you have not responded to an offer and as such the offer may lapse

Each year problems arise when students move and do not notify QTAC of their current contact details. Likewise, email accounts that terminate at the end of the school year are not suitable. You should provide your personal email address for QTAC contact purposes. If you provide a mobile phone number, QTAC may also SMS you about your application. If address and contact details change during the admissions period, you can update your details via the Current Applicant online service at www.qtac.edu.au.





Course Changes: Please check the QTAC website - www.qtac.edu.au - throughout the admissions period for up-to-date information on course offerings. As a quick reference, a consolidated list of Course Changes is available on the QTAC website under ‘Courses’. This list highlights the major changes to course offerings since the QTAC Guide was published.




Alternative ways to meet prerequisites: If you do not satisfy the minimum entry requirements for a course, your application for that course is generally not considered further, irrespective of the strength of your OP or QTAC selection rank. Commonly, minimum entry requirements include Year 12 subject prerequisites. (Prerequisites are listed against each course entry in the QTAC Guide and on the QTAC website.)

If you have not satisfied subject prerequisites for a course through your Year 12 studies, you should check with the institution offering the course for alternative ways to meet the prerequisite. A summary of alternative ways to meet the English subject prerequisite, including successful results in bridging subjects or the Special Tertiary Admissions Test (STAT), is found on page 16 of the QTAC Guide and on the QTAC website. I can assist students who may find themselves in this situation.


QIBT opens on Gold Coast in 2012: The Queensland Institute of Business and Technology will open on the Griffith University Gold Coast campus in February 2012, offering a range of diploma and diploma/degree-pathway programs including commerce and business, engineering, hotel management, foundation studies, and an associate degree.



TAFE Queensland and Southbank Institute of Technology course fees: will be available from 26 September via the QTAC website, or contact the institute directly.


NEWSLETTER  (8) Thursday 8th September

Au Pair in America: students who want to live, work, study and travel in the USA for 12 months may be interested in attending an information session in Brisbane on Thursday 29 September and learn how to become a live-in nanny in America. For further details: www.aupairamerica.com.au T: 1300 889 067. I also have brochures in my office.

Due Date for on-time applications via QTAC  is Friday 30 September

Year 12 results released Friday 16 December

Final date to add or change preferences for 12 January offer round is Tuesday 5 January

QTAC Offers released Thursday 12 January

Final date to change or add preferences for 9 February offer round is Thursday 2 February


UQ School of Economics Scholarships: UQ’s School of Economics is keen to attract the best & brightest students and has introduced a number of prestigious scholarships. Applications close mid-November and students should apply now.

For information, contact Louise West 07 3365 4482

UQ Scholarships for ICT: scholarships are available to encourage students to pursue a career in this field. Valued at $3000, these scholarships are awarded  to students based on their Year 12 results. To be eligible, students must apply for a place in the Bachelor of Engineering (Software or Electrical & Computer). Applications are open until 20 January 2012.

For information, contact Charly Camerer 07 3365 3853

UQ Options Evening: Year 12 students are invited to attend UQ Options Evening in order to make the most of their OP and find out how they can study their program of choice. This event is an opportunity to ask UQ staff & students questions about their study options. Students can also attend information seminars and participate in a campus tour.

Monday 19 December, UQ Centre (building 27a), St Lucia campus, 4:30pm – 7pm. For information, contact School Liaison team 07 3346 9649

The University of the Sunshine Coast (USC) offers  The Tertiary Preparation Pathway (TPP) as a preparatory/bridging program designed to impart skills and knowledge to succeed in degree studies. TPP may be used as an alternative entry pathway into many tertiary study courses. All applications for the TPP program for 2012 should be done through QTAC. This is also an opportunity for current year 12 students submitting their QTAC applications to include TPP as a back-up preference should they not get into their other preferences listed. For information, contact USC Admissions 07 5430 2890

MEDICINE @ UQ: Information Evening: Find out about UQ’s Medical Program, what school subjects to choose, how to boost your chances of entry, how to apply, other pathways into medicine, graduate entry. Tuesday 18 October at 6:30pm Empire Church Theatre, Neil Street, Toowoomba. For more information, 07 4633 9731



VET FEE-HELP:  this is a student loan scheme for the Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector that is part of the Higher Education Loan Program (HELP) and assists eligible students undertaking certain VET Diploma level and above courses, It allows them to borrow funds to help pay for all or part of their VET tuition fees. It does not cover accommodation or general living expenses. F

or information on VET FEE-HELP, including how to apply, contact 13 38 73 or for frequently asked questions, www.deewr.gov.au/vetfeehelp



USQ Faculty of Education: Bachelor of Education, Sport, Health & Physical Education commencing Semester 1, 2012. Career opportunities include; teach in Australia or overseas, work in sports administration, sports marketing, coaching, fitness & lifestyle coaching, leisure management, as a sports trainer or in community activities and groups.

For information, 4631 2319