Curricilum Curriculum


St Joseph’s College prides itself on offering an inclusive curriculum in order to meet the varied needs of its students.  Students are provided with opportunities to develop their knowledge and abilities within educational disciplines.
Junior Curriculum
The focus of our Junior curriculum is to offer a variety of semester units to cater for students’ individual abilities, interests and needs. When students select units they are interested in studying, they are more eager to learn. At St Joseph’s we offer units that are based on the Australian Curriculum, Queensland Studies Authority’s Syllabii and the Religious Education Syllabus.
In Year 8 students are exposed to all Key Learning Areas at some time during their initial year at secondary school. Towards the latter part of that year students plan their Year 9 and 10 pathway from the subjects offered. Further details are available in the curriculum section on the college website.
Senior Curriculum
In Years 11 and 12, the College aims to continue developing students as independent learners and active participants in their learning. St Joseph’s offers a choice of subjects including those of a vocational education orientation.  Students are able to choose Authority Subjects for an Overall Position (OP) pathway, a Vocational Education and Training (VET) pathway, or a combination of both.  In addition, students undertake a careers program which provides them with knowledge and actual industry contacts. A formal Queensland Core Skills (QCS) program is undertaken by all Senior students as preparation for the QCS test undertaken during Year 12.
Catering for Varying Levels of Attainment
St Joseph's College aims to cater for a range of academic abilities. Specialised staff members provide assistance to students with learning needs. Staff members cater for the advancement of each student through various teaching strategies.
Advanced students are encouraged to extend their learning beyond the prescribed curriculum.
At all times and in all academic and skills-related subjects, the dignity and the worth of each student is acknowledged and cherished. Students are encouraged to strive for excellence.

Co-Curricular Activities
A range of sporting and cultural activities is available for students’ participation. Interschool Basketball, Touch, Soccer, Rugby League and Netball are among the sporting choices available. Every second year the College presents a major musical or drama production. Students are always encouraged to participate at St Joseph’s.
The Music Program is popular among students. Bands, ensembles and choirs provide a variety of opportunities for those interested. Our classroom music program is complemented by individual or small group tuition which is offered on a user-pay basis.