Social Justice


Social Justice




The Smith Family’s student2student program is a unique and effective program that has helped many students to significantly increase their reading skills.  The student2student program works by matching students (buddies) who need to improve their reading with older mentors who are specially trained to help develop literacy skills in others.

Students make a commitment to be involved for an 18 week period by ringing their buddy two to three times a week and listening to them read for at least 20 minutes.

A Catholic school in the Edmund Rice tradition promotes service to others by way of significant learning experiences basic to fulfilling a Christian life.



Training will be provided by the Smith Family.


A mentor supervisor (staff member) will help with any questions or difficulties that might be encountered during the program.




 Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club is an outreach program which provides breakfast for the students of a local primary school. Each term one of our four Houses is responsible for organising and staffing Brekky Club. Staff and students in that House make a commitment to be on duty.


Students and staff will leave the College at 7.30 on Wednesday mornings and will arrive back at the College at approximately 8.50 am. 

Students and staff will be responsible for making breakfast (cereal, Milo, milk, toast and juice) as well as spending time getting to know the students. 


A Catholic school in the Edmund Rice tradition stands in solidarity with those who are powerless and marginalised.


Students will be challenged to reflect upon their experience.



 Blankets of Love


Students will create baby quilts to be given to St Vincent’s Hospital Labour Ward. These quilts will be given to parents whose baby has died before, during or after birth or whose babies are seriously ill.


Students will meet after school to complete their quilts.

Students will be given the opportunity to take their quilts to the hospital and tour the Labour Ward (if available).




Staff and Students will be invited to support St Vincent de Paul by donating items for the Blanket Appeal and Christmas Hampers.

Tiwi Islands Immersion

The Tiwi Islands immersion is based on a desire to build cross-cultural global life-giving relationships.


The Tiwi Islands consist of Bathurst Island and Melville Island. They are located 100km north of Darwin in the Arafura Sea. The islands have been inhabited since time immemorial by people referred to as ‘Tiwi’ a word that, in their language, simply means ‘people’. The Tiwi people have developed a unique culture, quite different from the mainland.


Purpose of the Program


The purpose of the program is to:

-       provide students with the opportunity of a profound cultural immersion experience in a remote indigenous context,

-       develop insights into and an appreciation of the culture and contexts of indigenous communities in the Tiwi Islands,


A Catholic school in the Edmund Rice tradition acknowledges the traditional relationship of indigenous peoples with the land.

 -       develop an appreciation of the work of the Church in the Tiwi Islands, develop an appreciation of the depth of relationships and sense of community inherent in indigenous communities,

-       critique their own culture from the vantage point of one very different from their own, search for reasons for the huge disparities in the world from a justice and gospel perspective,

-       develop an understanding and appreciation of the work of the Catholic Church and the implications of Catholic social teaching, and

-       build relationships so that one day we can host some students/staff from the Tiwi Islands here at St Joseph’s College.