Liturgical Life



Liturgical Life


A Catholic school in the Edmund Rice tradition lives and grows as a faith-sharing community by fostering a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ.




Prayer is the movement of the Holy Spirit in the human heart through which God reaches out and embraces human beings. Prayer is central to the spiritual life of the College.  Students are exposed to a variety of forms of prayer during their years at the College, eg, formal prayer, meditation, retreats, personal prayer.


A Pastoral Care group participates in preparing and leading prayer for an all-school assembly.




The liturgical life of the College is vibrant and alive. 



Term 1

Term 2

Term 3

Term 4


Feast of St Joseph

Feast of Edmund Rice

Grandparents’ Day

Year 12 Graduation

Prayer Celebrations

Induction of Student Leaders

Ash Wednesday       Paraliturgy       Term 1

Holy Week/Easter

Year 8 Welcome Liturgy

Mothers’ Day

Anzac Day


Fathers’ Day

Award Night

All Saints

All Souls


Year 8 Final Celebration            



Mass for Pastoral Care Groups


Eucharist is celebrated on a Friday morning by our Chaplain for Pastoral Care groups and their PC teacher.


Liturgy Group


Students are encouraged to be involved and there is a liturgy group which is very active in the planning and implementation of these liturgies.  Parents are welcome to attend major college liturgies; these are advertised in both the calendar and the weekly Newsletter.